Tuesday, June 9, 2009

At The Beach With Black Mariah and Dr. Sketchy

Saturday's session of Dr. Sketchy's was so much fun! Black Mariah had a great set and fabulous costumes.

Dr. Sketchy's is breaking for summer for the month of July, but will return in August. I'm really looking forward to it!

I'm not very good at life drawing, luckily there were coloring books and crayons, so I had fun. I did manage to break three (three!) crayons. I don't understand. When I was a kid, I was pretty uptight about keeping my crayons pristine. I was embarrassed.

I can't say enough sweet stuff about this lady, FreeLisa, who is an amazing graphic artist, painter, screen printer and the woman responsible for bringing Dr. Sketchy's to Dallas. I am so proud of all her hard work, she is really an inspiration!

This was my favorite outfit of the day. I wish you could have seen the pasties, folks. Sheer genius. Just look at that beautiful smile! How could you not love her!?

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