Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Cameron Gallery: This Saturday

Looking for something to do this weekend? Head out to The Cameron Gallery located at 1414 Dragon Street in Dallas this Saturday night to see new work by local metal sculptor George Fowler.

His work is truly incredible, so detailed and intricate. I've done some modeling for him (hey artists, ask me about my rates), and there might be a Ginger V-inspired piece or two at this show.

I'm really trying very hard to make it for this opening reception; and this time, it's not just for the complimentary wine and cheese (ha! I'm so tacky).

Reception is from 6p.m. - 9p.m.

I first met George at a session of Dr. Sketchy's Dallas. Among a sea of pencils and paper, he was wire and pliers. Very intriguing indeed. Here's a picture of one of the pieces he worked on during one of my longer poses. You have to see his other stuff; it is so beautiful

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