Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Special Offer For My Students

Attention Ladies of Burlesque Charm School:

So now that you've had a few classes with me and learned a thing or two about the shimmy and the shake, why not have your new inner-diva immortalized with a photo or two? C'mon, who doesn't like hamming it up for the camera? YOU know who you are...:)

Through the Looking Glass Studio has a special offer of 20% off for my students who are interested in pin up photo shoots. When you book one of their themed pin up shoots, you will receive a discount simply for being enrolled in my classes.

Pretty sweet deal, huh?

Here I am as Dorothy. Shot by Through the Looking Glass, Spring 2009


Bubbles von BonBon said...

What a cool deal. Every girl should see herself pin-up style at some point :).

Ginger Valentine said...

I couldn't agree more, Miss Bubbles.

Pin up glamour is a basic right, no? ;)

Lea said...

I love this photo, dear. Hope to see you soon!

Zandra said...

Aww my dear Ginger. You and your class are just plain amazing. Not only have I kept up with the moves I can do with a busted knee, but I am down officially 75 pounds. Who says sass can't make you loose some ass? LOL! Please keep Charm School going. :)