Monday, August 17, 2009

Back From Denver

My trip to Denver was entirely too short, but I still managed to cram in two shows, fond memories, inside jokes and enough glitter to fill my heart full of gratitude (and glitter, did I mention glitter?).

Here's some shots I took from my trip.

Sandwiched between two Clockettes (Tatiana - phenomenal aerialist! - and Fannie Spankings)

Crafting with feather, rhinestones, Sessions lager and Bella's Butter "D" cups.

Backstage with my best friend of 14 years. I fucking love your guts, girl.

Getting ready to unleash my "Blue Flame" on Denver. If the audience reaction was anything...I think they liked it. ;)

With Mr. Exotic World 2008, Syn Jyn

I'm really popular w/the wrestlers! And by the way, those belts are heavy!

Naughty Pierre! He said I was the hottest bush to come out of Texas. Boy, did the Colorado people get a kick out of that!

With my half-mexican soul sister and fellow Stripper's Holiday roomie, Fannie Spankings. Thanks so much for bringing me to Lannie's!

I go to Denver about once a year, and there are two epicurean quests I must seek: Banquet beer on draft and sliders. My favorites come from Good Times, you can't beat the Bambino's!

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