Thursday, January 8, 2009

King Cake: It's What's for Breakfast

Maybe some of you thought that Mardi Gras is just one day, well you are kind of right, but Mardi Gras season begins this week officially. So of course we didn't waste any time ordering our King Cake from Haydel's Bakery in NOLA.

A King Cake is kind of like a brioche, but sweeter, and it is a twisted loaf formed into a ring. The cake is decorated with the colors of Mardi Gras. It is one of my favorite confections to go with my favorite time of year. Of course, here in Texas it's hard to find a suitable one, hence the special order.

It arrived last night. Check out all the cool stuff we got:

Oh yeah, and it was my breakfast this morning along with a cup of Earl Grey. Yum!

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Machismo Foghat said...

Aw...awwww. I mean, mm...mmmmm. Gimme! Gimme!