Friday, October 24, 2008

The Most Terrifying Movie. EVER.

So Halloween is around the corner, and yesterday afternoon I thought it might be fun to watch a scary movie (normally I watch most scary movies in the afternoon, it's a trick I learned from my grandmother.)

My choice was The Stepford Wives (1975 version of course). Here's the trailor:

*Spoiler Alert*

So, after all you know how this movie ends? With Joanna's (Katharine Ross) worst fears realized: Despite her desperate and frantic attempts to save herself from an intellectual (and actually literal) death, she fails and in the end turns into a Stepford Wife with enhanced boobs and an overwhelming urge to bake.

So the men win and all the women in Stepford are effectively replaced with Ajax-scrubbing automatons. In fact, in the Epilogue, you see the next victim, a newcomer to Stepford, and you know that this horrific process will continue. There is no redemption or any victory at all for the women. They just become slaves.

What the hell kind of story is that?

I guess I always assumed that somehow Katharine Ross saved herself and the rest of the women and after getting some magic powers from a sacred edition of The Feminine Mystique...or something, anything but to lose her identity and forever be a slave to her husband.

Le Sigh.

I'm taking recommendations for Halloween movies. Let me know your favorite.


Catherine said...

You’re in good company there, Ginger. The writers of the 2004 remake (starring Nicole Kidman, Matthew Broderick, Bette Midler, and Christopher Walken) shared your disenchantment with the original film's (and book's) ending. I know you're a loyal to the classics, but the new version does offer a twist at the end that might make you smile. As for favorite scary movies, since Nicole Kidman is on my mind, I have to recommend another remake that's sure to get your heart pounding: Invasion. The story is just as terrifying in this third remake of the film as it was in 1956 when it was originally written. Have a SPOOKY week, Miss Valentine!

Ginger Valentine said...

I knew I couldn't be the only one irritated with the ending of that movie!

Thanks for the movie recommendation, I will check out Invasion.