Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More From Dr. Sketchys!

I have some more pictures from Dr. Sketchy's on Saturday! I'm not kidding you have to come check out the next event; it's the funnest thing ever!

Our host, Foghat Machismo volunteered himself to be a human canvas.
dr sketchys

Tom won!
dr sketchy

Posing for the "Art Monkeys." Only two people sat in the front row. I swear I don't bite, you guys. I just look like I do. wink, wink.
dr sketchys

This won for "Best Inclusion of a Woodland Animal". It's really one of my favorites, if it's yours, speak up so I can give you credit!

I'm sure I'll have more later. That's all for now!


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redhotflame said...

Thanks for asking in advance; you are more than welcome to post the pics you like :)